and .


23:06 Ticket #114 (AM Demodulator for 0.6.2) closed by cdietric
23:06 Ticket #113 (Decimator component for 0.6.2) closed by cdietric
23:05 Ticket #112 (Amplifier component for 0.6.2) closed by cdietric
23:05 Ticket #111 (Create/update labs to work with 0.6.2) closed by cdietric
fixed: Lab for Python component can be done later.
12:35 Changeset [6534] by cdietric
making tag for amplifier-0.6.2
12:34 Changeset [6533] by cdietric
making tag for AutomaticGainControl?-0.6.2
12:32 Changeset [6532] by cdietric
making tag for Decimator-0.6.2
12:30 Changeset [6531] by cdietric
making tag for am_demod-0.6.2
12:15 UserGuides edited by cdietric
Adding 0.6.2 labs (diff)


07:36 Changeset [6494] by balister
Dramatically improve performance.
07:16 Changeset [6493] by balister
Dramatically improve performance.


14:19 Changeset [6478] by mcarrick
Deleting incorrectly copied branch
14:18 Changeset [6477] by mcarrick
Deleting incorrectly copied branch


14:39 Changeset [6471] by balister
Attempt to avoid hammering omniNames during component startup. Ticket …
14:20 Changeset [6470] by bhilburn
Fixed dumb typo.
14:05 Ticket #148 (Auto generated property code should use DEBUG instead of std::cout) closed by bhilburn
fixed: This has been fixed as of changeset …
14:03 Changeset [6469] by bhilburn
Moving generated code to use DEBUG macros.
07:50 Changeset [6465] by balister
Make underrun reporting more verbose.
07:15 OSSIEListFAQ edited by balister
Add Google Analytics tracking code (diff)


17:07 MetaData edited by jgaeddert
adding oprofile results to MetaData (diff)
16:03 Changeset [6464] by balister
Alsa cares about endianess.
14:23 Changeset [6463] by jgaeddert
changing method for reading in resources; still does not work for nodes …
14:15 Changeset [6462] by jgaeddert
configuring component generators to look for shared resources
13:52 Changeset [6461] by mcarrick
Deleting incorrectly copied branch
13:31 Changeset [6460] by balister
Fix file name, update file type.
13:14 Changeset [6459] by balister
Update input file name.
13:11 Changeset [6458] by balister
Fix makefile.am for trunk.
13:07 Changeset [6457] by jgaeddert
fixing imports such that OWD may be run from any location; still need to …
13:03 Changeset [6456] by balister
Fix bad configure.ac generated by owd.
12:35 Changeset [6455] by balister
First pass at waveform.
12:32 Changeset [6453] by balister
Directory for a waveform that reads data from a file and sends it to the …
12:32 Changeset [6452] by balister
Directory for a waveform that reads data from a file and sends it to the …
12:32 Changeset [6451] by balister
Directory for a waveform that reads data from a file and sends it to the …
12:08 Changeset [6450] by balister
Add support for powerpc builds.
11:54 OSSIEListFAQ created by hvolos
11:54 Contact edited by hvolos
11:53 FAQ edited by hvolos
10:46 Ticket #117 (Python Graph component for 0.6.2) closed by cdietric
worksforme: Hold off on this, not needed when using ALF
10:44 Ticket #116 (USRP control component for 0.6.2 (No GUI)) closed by cdietric
fixed: USRP Commander (no GUI) has been ported to 0.6.2
09:41 Ticket #157 (omninames and nodebooter take 100% CPU during device startup) created by balister
Omninames and nodebooter are taking 100% CPU during startup on a small …


17:04 FAQ edited by hvolos
17:03 FAQ edited by hvolos
17:03 FAQ edited by hvolos
17:02 FAQ edited by hvolos
16:45 FAQ edited by hvolos
16:43 Contact edited by hvolos
16:42 UserGuides edited by hvolos
16:40 FAQ created by hvolos
16:31 UserGuides edited by hvolos
13:22 InstallationGuide edited by bhilburn
ALF note added. (diff)
12:47 ALF edited by bhilburn
Fixed a broken link, but this page is ancient. It needs to be updated … (diff)
12:19 BenHilburn edited by bhilburn
Cleaned up personal page a bit (diff)
12:10 InstallationGuide edited by bhilburn
Fixed ossie.pth instructions after fighting with OWD for a day. (diff)
09:09 Ticket #156 (investigate extra wx.Choice) created by DrewCormier
DrewCormier/alf/trunk/alf/connectTool seems to have an extra wx.Choice at …
08:09 Changeset [6434] by balister
Add more debug messages so we can see when clients query application …


14:37 JosephGaeddert edited by jgaeddert
adding email addy (diff)
14:34 MetaData edited by jgaeddert
Trying to clarify the experiment (diff)
10:42 Ticket #155 (trunk alf needs to be compatable with 0.6.2) created by DrewCormier
current version has hard-coded '/sdr/dom' instead of '/sdr'. As …
09:52 Changeset [6419] by balister
Path hack needed since ALF is looking for SAD files on local file system …
09:34 Ticket #154 (Right clicking a waveform to install it does not work) created by balister
Apparently this is a known problem? …
09:03 Ticket #153 (Unreasonable restriction on GPP UUID) created by balister
The restriction on UUID vlaues for the GPP in …


18:24 Changeset [6412] by balister
Fix waveform location code to work with trunk.


16:21 Changeset [6410] by balister
Resolve python import problems.
16:16 Changeset [6409] by balister
Create python bindings.
15:23 Changeset [6408] by balister
Build python bindings.
14:21 Changeset [6407] by balister
Fix import path for OSSIE python bindings.
14:09 Changeset [6406] by balister
Build framework python bindings.
11:18 Changeset [6405] by jgaeddert
addresses ticket #143, should update GPL on current year
11:04 Changeset [6404] by jgaeddert
reducing array size of extended metadata struct, eliminating buffering in …
10:13 MetaData edited by jgaeddert
Adding metadata latency results (diff)


18:16 Changeset [6403] by jgaeddert
fixing POINT_source ability to save data to file
18:11 Changeset [6402] by jgaeddert
extending packet size definition in .sad.xml file
17:04 Changeset [6400] by balister
Add support for repeat count and inter file delat.
17:04 Changeset [6399] by balister
Implement repeat_count and interpacket delay for binary files.
16:16 Changeset [6396] by balister
Convert property to match new File Input property.
16:15 Changeset [6395] by balister
Start implementing bigendian/litte endian switching and convert File type …
15:06 Ticket #143 (OWD generates code with 2007 copyright date) closed by bhilburn
fixed: This is fixed in changesets …
15:04 Changeset [6393] by bhilburn
Fixed copyright date for 0.6.2 branch.
15:03 Changeset [6392] by bhilburn
Updated copyright date in OWD trunk.
14:57 Ticket #120 (Windows install broken) closed by bhilburn
invalid: I'm going to close this ticket. We are removing any vestigial Windows …
14:02 InstallationGuide edited by bhilburn
Changed user prompt to superuser prompt. (diff)
10:19 Changeset [6387] by jgaeddert
adding write-to-file capability


14:18 Changeset [6386] by balister
Fix typo in configure.ac
14:17 Changeset [6385] by balister
Remove math we never want to do.
14:10 GettingStartedWithEmbeddedSDR edited by balister
Make sure we include sane-ossie-revs.inc (diff)
10:01 Changeset [6384] by balister
Lyon's methods now works. Need to think about level control.


18:38 Changeset [6383] by jgaeddert
adding timing functions
18:37 Changeset [6382] by jgaeddert
overriding properties in SAD file
17:26 Changeset [6381] by hvolos
another path fix
16:47 Changeset [6380] by hvolos
corrected paths in the .spd.xml
16:18 Changeset [6379] by hvolos
initial check-in
16:17 Changeset [6378] by balister
Add resampling filter coeeficients.
16:16 Changeset [6377] by balister
Adjust output level
16:13 Changeset [6376] by hvolos
creating branch for changes related to MIMO/Diversity functionality
15:57 Changeset [6375] by hvolos
creating branch of SI 0.6.2 to support MIMO on the USRP
15:37 Changeset [6374] by jgaeddert
moving POINT waveform to proper directory
15:35 Changeset [6373] by jgaeddert
removing additional DOCTYPE tag in xml files
15:34 Changeset [6372] by jgaeddert
removing additional DOCTYPE tag in xml files
15:33 Changeset [6371] by jgaeddert
initial import of POINT waveform
15:26 Changeset [6370] by jgaeddert
creating waveform for interface test
15:17 Changeset [6369] by balister
This demods npr_iq.
14:43 Ticket #152 (0.6.2 tarballs should not have 'tools' directory in top level) created by jgaeddert
The top level of ossie-0.6.2 should just include the following: […] …
13:36 Changeset [6368] by jgaeddert
removing standard interfaces; moving to custom POINT interface
13:26 Changeset [6367] by jgaeddert
moving to custom POINT interfaces, removing standard interfaces
13:21 Changeset [6366] by jgaeddert
adding empty call interface so that components can be configured
12:15 Changeset [6365] by DrewCormier
initial import. empty code shells
11:55 Changeset [6364] by jgaeddert
updating POINT interface, fleshing out C++ port implementations
11:46 Changeset [6363] by hvolos
dir for initial diversity component
11:03 Changeset [6362] by hvolos
corrected path to sdc.xml


16:26 Changeset [6360] by balister
Resolve warning. See explanantion at …
16:03 Changeset [6359] by jgaeddert
adding basic new testable interface for profiling metadata
14:27 Changeset [6354] by balister
Initialize more variables.
14:10 Changeset [6353] by balister
Add some debug messages.
11:46 Changeset [6352] by jgaeddert
creating branch of customInterfaces for testing


15:34 GettingStartedWithEmbeddedSDR edited by balister
15:27 Changeset [6345] by hvolos
updated installation path
15:21 Changeset [6344] by hvolos
updating configure.ac
15:00 Changeset [6343] by hvolos
typo fixed


20:34 DrewCormier edited by DrewCormier
I can now call them my sponsor since I finally got my paycheck! :) (diff)


17:13 Changeset [6331] by jgaeddert
reducing verbosity of AutomaticGainControl? by default
17:01 Changeset [6330] by jgaeddert
fixing install path, xml for 0.6.2
16:56 Changeset [6329] by jgaeddert
modifying AutomaticGainControl? to work with 0.6.2
16:51 Changeset [6328] by jgaeddert
making 0.6.2 branch of AutomaticGainControl? component
16:41 Changeset [6327] by jgaeddert
adjusting verbosity; changing default filter bandwidth by a factor of 2
15:02 Changeset [6326] by jgaeddert
updating decimator to use calculated coefficients only when none are …
13:56 Changeset [6325] by jgaeddert
dynamically calculating filter coefficients based on decimation rate
13:46 Changeset [6324] by jgaeddert
removing tabs from source
11:29 JosephGaeddert edited by jgaeddert
removing list of publications (diff)
08:50 Changeset [6323] by balister
Add lines to help debug device assignment issues.
08:48 Changeset [6322] by balister
Fix up deployment id.
08:47 Changeset [6321] by balister
Fix up deployment id.
08:43 Changeset [6320] by balister
Fix bogus CR in id.
08:37 SffsdrLinux edited by balister
08:36 GettingStartedWithEmbeddedSDR edited by balister
07:41 Changeset [6319] by balister
Attempt to harmonize GPP instantiation id in order to work around lack of …


15:13 Changeset [6310] by mcarrick
DrewCormier: 0.6.2 update. changed import statements for python bindings
12:41 Contact edited by cdietric
Reordering contact/help options (diff)


15:22 Changeset [6298] by mcarrick
Copying Sound_out for 0.6.2 branch
15:19 Changeset [6297] by mcarrick
Copying Sound_in to 0.6.2 Branch
15:18 Changeset [6296] by mcarrick
Creating branches directory
15:11 Changeset [6295] by mcarrick
Copying FM_Demod to 0.6.2 Branch
15:03 Changeset [6294] by mcarrick
Creating USRP_Ctrl-0.6.2 branch
11:29 Ticket #151 (Improve installation of tools) created by balister
The current tool installation is difficult and requires many directories …
09:06 PhilipBalister edited by balister
09:05 PhilipBalister edited by balister
09:01 InstallationGuide edited by balister
09:00 CaptureFiles edited by balister
08:30 GettingStartedWithEmbeddedSDR edited by balister
08:27 SffsdrLinux edited by balister
08:27 GettingStartedWithEmbeddedSDR edited by balister
08:27 OSKNotes edited by balister
08:26 EmbeddedSDR edited by balister


16:24 SffsdrLinux edited by balister
11:00 News edited by bob
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