and .


15:32 Ticket #217 (Sound_in reconf script not executable) created by jawil06
When running the build.py script under Ubuntu it halts on Sound_in and …


11:01 Ticket #216 (Verify Python component generation with OEF) created by cdietric
Verify generation of functional Python components with OEF, as with OWD in …
10:58 Ticket #215 (Verify C++ component generation) created by cdietric
Verify that OEF can be used to generate functional C++ components (as with …
10:56 Ticket #214 (Verify OEF/OWD compatibility) created by cdietric
Verify that OEF can read .owd files from OWD and vice versa. Also, check …


18:15 Changeset [8067] by jgaeddert
adding python script to generate documentation so that …
14:39 Changeset [8066] by mcarrick
adding 'created by ossie wavedev' comments back into sad and das files
14:17 Changeset [8065] by mcarrick
removing debugging print statements
14:15 Changeset [8064] by mcarrick
fixing bugs from merge
10:09 Changeset [8052] by stedwar2
Merged all changes from trunk, so this branch is now identical to trunk …


16:38 Changeset [8051] by shereef
included appropriate headers for gcc_4.3; still need to test it though
15:48 Changeset [8050] by mcarrick
updating 0.7.0 version information and other minor changes
13:16 Changeset [8049] by mcarrick
adding uuidgen to build script
13:07 Ticket #213 (Get OEF into OSSIEDEV) created by mcarrick
Currently OEF is residing in jason's branch, and it needs to be copied …
13:03 Ticket #212 (Update OWD for 0.7.0 Release) closed by mcarrick
fixed: Code merged with r8047, now need to do testing.
13:01 Changeset [8048] by mcarrick
copying to 0.7.0 user guide
11:30 Changeset [8047] by stedwar2
Moved to XMLgen.
11:26 Changeset [8046] by stedwar2
Merge of changes from branch: jsnyder/ComponentProject/WaveDev/wavedev …
11:15 Eclipse edited by cdietric
10:37 Changeset [8045] by stedwar2
Changes from trunk.


13:58 Changeset [8044] by mcarrick
copying WebCamCapture? to trunk
13:56 Changeset [8043] by mcarrick
copying JPEG_VideoViewer to trunk


15:46 Ticket #208 (Merge CIREN with ossiedev/trunk) closed by mcarrick
fixed: Code has been merged.
09:06 Changeset [8041] by stedwar2


13:45 Ticket #200 (Python install scripts break RPMs) closed by bhilburn
fixed: This has been fixed, and the changes have been merged into trunk with …
13:34 Changeset [8039] by bhilburn
Removing installion directory, which is no longer experimental.
13:33 Changeset [8038] by bhilburn
Moving old experimental stuff to my personal directory for storage.
13:27 Ticket #199 (Don't write Makefile.in - should write Makefile.am) closed by bhilburn
fixed: These changes have been merged into trunk as of [8016], [8017], and …
13:02 Changeset [8037] by bhilburn
Commiting RPM specs to non-experimental directory for maintainence.
11:39 Changeset [8036] by hvolos
update component properties
11:15 Changeset [8035] by hvolos
update component properties
10:47 Changeset [8034] by hvolos
Update CIREN waveform to work with the new component names


17:01 Changeset [8033] by hvolos
copy standardInterfaces-metadata to trunk
16:58 Changeset [8032] by hvolos
removed metadata functionality
16:29 Changeset [8031] by hvolos
changed component names and ids
16:22 Ticket #212 (Update OWD for 0.7.0 Release) created by mcarrick
The code in Jason's branch needs to be merged back into trunk for the …
16:18 Changeset [8030] by hvolos
added _metadata suffix to filenames
16:12 Changeset [8029] by hvolos
Rename DigitalModem directory to DigitalModem-metadata
16:11 Changeset [8028] by hvolos
added _metadata suffix, updated component ids
15:41 Changeset [8027] by hvolos
add _metadata suffix and new component id
15:14 Changeset [8026] by hvolos
add _metadata suffix to (De)Packetizer files
15:08 Changeset [8025] by hvolos
SymbolSyncPoly new property ids generated
14:59 Changeset [8024] by hvolos
MultirateSyncrhonizer? new property ids generated
14:51 Changeset [8023] by hvolos
FrameSyncrhonizer? new property ids generated
14:48 Changeset [8022] by hvolos
new component ids generated
14:44 Changeset [8021] by hvolos
_metadata suffix added to the component names
14:42 Ticket #44 ((221) Create meta-package for RPMs) closed by bhilburn
fixed: This has been completed. The meta-package 'ossie' will pull all …
14:41 Ticket #18 ((223) Automate RPM creation) closed by bhilburn
invalid: Automating RPM creation is going to be very, very frustrating and overly …
14:38 Ticket #16 ((172) Install by YUM) closed by bhilburn
fixed: The official OSSIE yum repository is now up and running, with all packages …
14:37 Ticket #202 (Python bindings need to be installed with autotools) closed by bhilburn
fixed: After a lot of hacking, these issues have been resolved. The changes have …
14:19 Changeset [8019] by hvolos
renamed component name, ids for metadata
14:18 Ticket #159 (ALF cannot stop and start waveforms) closed by mcarrick
fixed: The ALF code works for starting and stopping waveforms, however the …
14:17 Changeset [8018] by bhilburn
Merging changes to the cf for RPMs.
14:14 Changeset [8017] by bhilburn
Merging changes to customInterfaces for RPMs.
14:12 Changeset [8016] by bhilburn
Merging changes to standardInterfaces for RPMs.
14:09 Changeset [8015] by hvolos
ids updated
13:50 Changeset [8014] by hvolos
fix xml path in spd file
13:36 Changeset [8013] by hvolos
creating default GPP, USRP_metadata node


20:57 Changeset [8011] by hvolos
USRP device renamed to USRP_metadata;compiles;needs testing
20:42 Changeset [8010] by hvolos
Add _metadata suffix to files
20:40 Changeset [8009] by hvolos
Add _metadata suffix to files
20:37 Changeset [8008] by hvolos
Add _metadata suffix to files
20:26 Changeset [8007] by hvolos
usege _ instead of -
20:22 Changeset [8006] by hvolos
add metadata suffix to Interpolator
20:20 Changeset [8005] by hvolos
add metadata suffix to AGC
16:49 Changeset [8004] by mcarrick
normalizing frequency display from -1 to +1
16:26 Ticket #162 (ALF freezes after you close the plot tool) closed by mcarrick
worksforme: The current trunk version of the ALF plot tool has not frozen on me, which …
12:03 Changeset [8003] by hvolos
renane process complete
11:59 Changeset [8002] by hvolos
switching from - to _
11:58 Changeset [8001] by hvolos
name change;new uuids
11:48 Changeset [8000] by hvolos
renaming amplifier to amplifier-metadata
10:03 Changeset [7999] by hvolos
Copy USRP device metadata to trunk
10:00 Changeset [7998] by hvolos
minor modifications


11:46 Changeset [7997] by hvolos
Undoing changes that were not supossed to be commited
11:30 Changeset [7996] by hvolos
Copying CIREN waveform to trunk
11:29 Changeset [7995] by hvolos
undo copy
11:26 Changeset [7994] by hvolos
Copying CIREN waveform to trunk


17:27 Changeset [7993] by hvolos
merged metadata functionality;compiles;needs testing
17:25 Changeset [7992] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?.cpp to trunk standardinterfaces
16:27 Changeset [7991] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?_u.cpp to trunk standardinterfaces
16:26 Changeset [7990] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?_p.cpp to trunk standardinterfaces
16:26 Changeset [7989] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?.osi.idl to trunk standardinterfaces
16:25 Changeset [7988] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?.idl to trunk standardinterfaces
15:56 Changeset [7987] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?_impl.h to trunk standardinterfaces
15:55 Changeset [7986] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?_u.h to trunk standardinterfaces
15:55 Changeset [7985] by hvolos
copy RadioMetaData?_p.h to trunk standardinterfaces
14:00 Changeset [7984] by hvolos
Copying DigitalModem to trunk
13:56 Changeset [7983] by hvolos
Copying SymbolSyncPoly-metadata to trunk
13:55 Changeset [7982] by hvolos
Copying rc2007_gui to trunk
13:54 Changeset [7981] by hvolos
Copying Packetizer-metadata to trunk
13:53 Changeset [7980] by hvolos
Copying Interpolator-metadata to trunk
13:53 Changeset [7979] by hvolos
Copying FrameAssembler-metadata to trunk
13:52 Changeset [7978] by hvolos
Copying CIREN_SM to trunk
13:52 Changeset [7977] by hvolos
Copying CIREN_CE to trunk
13:52 Changeset [7976] by hvolos
Copying AutomaticGainControl?-metadata to trunk
13:51 Changeset [7975] by hvolos
Copying amplifier-metadata to trunk


21:12 Changeset [7974] by chenxuetao
save channel status table;define case 7 as beacon between clusters;switch …


14:58 Changeset [7973] by trnewman
14:01 Changeset [7972] by trnewman
13:50 Changeset [7971] by trnewman
13:44 Changeset [7970] by trnewman
13:42 Changeset [7969] by trnewman
13:33 Changeset [7968] by trnewman
13:27 Changeset [7967] by trnewman
11:32 Changeset [7966] by trnewman
debug stuff
10:56 Changeset [7965] by trnewman
Updates to change maximum packet size Also added new Genetic data …
10:53 Changeset [7964] by bhilburn
Not all of the cf requirements are getting globbed... trying new location.


21:16 Ticket #211 (Compile change log for 0.7.0) created by cdietric
List changes since 0.6.2. Include in user guide and/or readme file
21:15 Ticket #210 (0.7.0 User Guide) created by cdietric
Update the user guide for version 0.7.0
13:52 Changeset [7963] by bhilburn
Moved from build dependencies to true dependencies.
13:09 Changeset [7962] by bhilburn
Fixed whitespace error.
11:05 Changeset [7961] by bhilburn
Argh. I missed one of the omniidl calls.
10:59 Changeset [7960] by bhilburn
Changes to the RPM specs of *interfaces for python bindings.
10:45 Changeset [7959] by bhilburn
Migrating to autofoo usage instead of python scripts.
10:45 Changeset [7958] by bhilburn
Removing custominterfaces setup.py script.


16:34 Changeset [7956] by bhilburn
Fixing a future bug that would have wiped other interfaces on a cf …
16:32 Changeset [7955] by bhilburn
Fixing idl generation/installion in custom interfaces.
16:02 Changeset [7953] by bhilburn
Should be Makefile.am, not Makefile.in.
14:40 Changeset [7952] by mcarrick
adding loadAutomationFile.py to install script
14:07 Changeset [7951] by bhilburn
Fix for the omniorb rpm for py files.
13:34 Changeset [7950] by bhilburn
Continuing with the new naming scheme…
13:31 Changeset [7949] by bhilburn
Adding omniorb RPM requirements.
13:07 Ticket #209 (Testing for 0.7.0) created by cdietric
Generate test plan Test on 32 and 64 bit architectures
13:02 Ticket #208 (Merge CIREN with ossiedev/trunk) created by cdietric
Merge CIREN and prerequisites
12:58 Ticket #207 (Create OSSIE 0.7.0 RPMs) created by cdietric
RPMs for 32 and 64 bit architectures, include all but components and tools
12:54 Ticket #206 (Create 0.7.0 OSSIE tarballs) created by cdietric
Contents TBD
12:51 Ticket #205 (Create 0.7.0 tag) created by cdietric
12:50 Ticket #204 (Create OSSIE 0.7.x branch) created by cdietric
12:41 Changeset [7948] by bhilburn
Beginning to integrate omniORB RPMs into the build system…
12:31 Changeset [7947] by bhilburn
Adding dependencies for the tools.
12:22 Changeset [7946] by bhilburn
Recreating provides, re-doing naming scheme, general clean-up.
11:43 Changeset [7945] by bhilburn
Creating meta-rpm for all OSSIE rpms... hopefully this works.


23:14 Changeset [7944] by caguayog
Passing a duplicate when registering a device with DomainManager? to …
18:29 Changeset [7943] by caguayog
Committing Carl's new and improved plot tool
14:58 Changeset [7942] by bhilburn
Automated detection of omniidl location for rpmbuilding and autofoo.
14:57 Changeset [7941] by bhilburn
Name change to ossie cf RPM to match rest of the naming scheme.
14:40 Changeset [7940] by chenxuetao
14:32 Changeset [7939] by chenxuetao
test svn
14:16 Changeset [7937] by trnewman
Changed decimation factor
14:13 Changeset [7936] by trnewman
dinesh CIREN trunk
14:13 Changeset [7935] by trnewman
CIREN trunk
14:12 Changeset [7934] by trnewman
CIREN trunk
14:11 Changeset [7933] by trnewman
make xuetao dir
14:10 Changeset [7932] by trnewman
dineshs trunk
14:10 Changeset [7931] by trnewman
making trunk


14:49 Changeset [7930] by bhilburn
OSSIE cf RPM spec with almost everything automated, including python dir …


16:26 Changeset [7929] by jawil06
DMDParser now parses services. DMDWriter added with ability to write a …


19:19 Changeset [7928] by jawil06
13:26 Changeset [7927] by Snyder.Jason
comments and formatting
12:37 Ticket #203 (Warning dialog when opening waveform which has default_GPP_USRP_sound_node) created by mcarrick
When creating a waveform with the default_GPP_USRP_sound_node node, after …
12:36 Eclipse edited by Snyder.Jason
12:23 Eclipse edited by Snyder.Jason
12:13 Eclipse edited by Snyder.Jason
12:11 Eclipse edited by Snyder.Jason
12:06 Eclipse created by Snyder.Jason


15:00 Changeset [7926] by Snyder.Jason
comments and formatting
13:35 Changeset [7925] by Snyder.Jason
overloaded the addBefore method in PyWrapper?. The new version makes sure …
09:59 Changeset [7924] by bhilburn
Final beta versions of autofoo stuff for ossie cf.
09:57 Changeset [7923] by bhilburn
Final beta version of the ossie cf RPM spec.


23:19 Changeset [7921] by shereef
copying my current dev for jeffrey to develop on
11:39 Changeset [7920] by bhilburn
Working ossie cf RPM spec - tested & confirmed once.
11:36 Changeset [7919] by bhilburn
Fixed ossie.pth to work with Python standards for installation.
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