and .


16:36 Changeset [8371] by shereef
creating branch for Deepan
15:26 Downloads edited by mcarrick
fixing typo (diff)


14:02 Changeset [8368] by hvolos
component now reads the properties
13:06 Changeset [8367] by hvolos
added fading capability


16:07 Changeset [8364] by hvolos
added fading capability
14:16 Ticket #222 (ossie_demo doesn't wait for user input to start) closed by mcarrick
fixed: This has been fixed in both trunk (r8362) and the 0.7.x branch (r8363).
14:13 Changeset [8363] by mcarrick
added start, stop capability, merged from trunk
14:05 Changeset [8362] by mcarrick
added start, stop capability
13:11 Changeset [8361] by mcarrick
initial check in of constellation mapper
09:44 InstallationGuideOSX edited by jgaeddert
more on pkg-config, PKG_CHECK_MODULES (diff)
09:31 Ticket #238 (Too large frequency values in the USRP_Commander) created by anders
When trying to set the frequency to e.g. 2,45 GHz (2450000000 Hz) in …


21:08 Changeset [8355] by jawil06
Merging last template fix from trunk.
21:07 Changeset [8354] by jawil06
Template files will no longer be copied to XML_gen/, only …
21:05 Changeset [8353] by jawil06
Merging my fixes from trunk.
20:59 Changeset [8352] by jawil06
Fixed use of incorrect variable
20:53 Changeset [8351] by jawil06
Fixed the move of templates to a subfolder


10:01 Changeset [8345] by trnewman
added node addition on text msg
09:58 Changeset [8344] by trnewman
bug fix
09:22 Changeset [8343] by trnewman
added ID to received text


18:35 Changeset [8342] by trnewman
update to gui
16:50 Changeset [8341] by jgaeddert
another node list fix
16:39 Changeset [8340] by jgaeddert
nodes in channel fix
14:50 Changeset [8339] by trnewman
Added "Nodes in Current Channel" capabilities
10:26 Changeset [8338] by jgaeddert
Added cool bars to gui for channel state


11:15 Changeset [8331] by jgaeddert


14:00 Changeset [8330] by hvolos
AGWN functionality added
13:55 Changeset [8329] by hvolos
test channel waveform
13:46 Changeset [8328] by hvolos
directory for waveforms


20:19 Changeset [8326] by hvolos
add reconf file


18:16 Changeset [8325] by hvolos
Channel component template, needs the actual code
18:13 Changeset [8324] by hvolos
18:10 Changeset [8323] by hvolos
directory for the new channel component
18:10 Changeset [8322] by hvolos
directory for the new channel component
15:55 Ticket #23 ((137) Wrong allocation properties type in Device_impl) closed by shereef
invalid: Having reviewed the Device_impl code base, there does not appear to be any …
14:48 Ticket #49 ((199) USRP_Ctrl needs better name) closed by bhilburn
invalid: USRP_Ctrl is deprecated, and no longer supported, maintained, or used.
14:15 Ticket #25 ((216) after opening ComponentFrame from OWD for a new component, python ...) closed by jgaeddert
invalid: This code is old and should have been replaced with the CERDEC project. …
12:11 Ticket #191 (No install instructions for OEF) closed by mcarrick
fixed: OEF instructions can be found on the trac page, as well as in the 0.7.0 …
12:09 Ticket #12 ((72) Rx display component) closed by mcarrick
fixed: The RX Display is taken care of by ALF.
12:09 Ticket #11 ((66) Tx controller component) closed by mcarrick
fixed: The TX Controller component (and RX Component) exists within the …


13:43 Downloads edited by mcarrick
changing 0.6.2 path from ossie to ossiedev (diff)
13:41 Downloads edited by mcarrick
adding 0.7.0 downloads (diff)
13:35 UserGuides edited by mcarrick
Adding 0.7.0 user guide link. (diff)


18:52 Changeset [8320] by bhilburn
Fixing a bug in the LaTeX source that caused the entire section to be …
13:42 Ticket #237 (Officially release 0.7.0) created by bhilburn
This ticket is here as a task-reminder to announce and officially release …


15:27 Ticket #233 (Meta-package for omniORB RPMs) closed by bhilburn
fixed: This is done. You may install either package from the OSSIE-VT yum repo …
15:26 Ticket #207 (Create OSSIE 0.7.0 RPMs) closed by bhilburn
fixed: This is done. The RPMs are available in the YUM repo.


23:05 Changeset [8319] by cdietric
updated ALF description and definition
18:15 Ticket #210 (0.7.0 User Guide) closed by mcarrick
fixed: User guide has been completed.


13:13 Changeset [8306] by mcarrick
clarifying install instructions for ubuntu


11:54 Changeset [8305] by cov
Added -w flag to nano command and explanation.
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