and .


21:46 Changeset [9418] by shereef
updated configure method for all components, need to test with WAVEDASH
15:39 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
Added mpcsxfergpp sample application notes (diff)


03:12 Changeset [9416] by caguayog
Receiver now copies the required number of frames into output sequence


17:14 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
16:14 BeagleBoard edited by ravishi
15:13 BeagleBoard edited by jgaeddert
adding link to google site for formatting an SD card to boot linux (diff)
13:29 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
11:29 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi


15:18 BeagleBoard edited by ravishi
12:14 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
00:05 Changeset [9415] by hvolos
fixed files mix-up
00:00 Changeset [9414] by hvolos
improved the fading application


13:28 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
12:20 Ticket #269 (ALF doesn't remove connections on wave/comp-form uninstallation.) created by jawil06
When a waveform is uninstalled, any connections to or from any of its …
11:10 Changeset [9413] by jawil06
Branching wavedash for comform modifications.
10:07 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by jonnadul


17:45 BeagleBoard_DSPLink created by ravishi
17:02 WDC created by cdietric
13:20 Changeset [9412] by jawil06
Naming Service is a more appropriate name than 'node'
12:54 Ticket #268 (Tools installation should be two steps: build then install) created by jawil06
By installing the tools with sudo python setup.py install the …


16:07 Ticket #267 (ALF updates: Selectable naming service IP and Connect Tool menus) created by cdietric
Select naming service IP address Menu-driven connect tool (ports and …
16:05 Ticket #266 (Release USRP 1 and USRP 2 devices for GNU Radio 3.2 drivers) created by cdietric
Need to release the GR 3.2 version of the USRP device
14:50 BeagleBoard created by ravishi
11:29 Ticket #265 (Add OSSIE talk waveforms to the build script) created by hvolos
The current build.py does not build the OSSIEtalk waveforms


22:32 Changeset [9411] by hvolos
Added more text


23:56 Changeset [9410] by caguayog
TX is working. Needs cleaning and further testing
11:55 Changeset [9409] by caguayog
Creating USRP2 Node
11:50 Changeset [9408] by caguayog
Creating USRP2 Node
11:44 Changeset [9407] by caguayog
Receive seems to work. Needs cleaning and more testing.
10:24 ML403 edited by mcarrick
added section on CF card (diff)
10:20 ML403 edited by mcarrick
improved introduction, more details on kernel configure, misc. cleanup (diff)


17:13 Changeset [9406] by hvolos
Updated text
13:17 Changeset [9405] by hvolos
added more results
10:57 Changeset [9404] by ttsou
Purging more code
10:42 Changeset [9403] by ttsou
Removed code from a previous century
10:40 Changeset [9402] by ttsou
Removed code from a previous century
10:32 Changeset [9401] by ttsou
Purge of the Heinous


23:16 Changeset [9400] by ttsou
Made IDL files readable
20:34 Ticket #264 (Framework fails to build with gcc 4.4) created by ttsou
Correspondingly, it fails to build with Fedora 11. Solutions can be found …


23:48 Changeset [9399] by hvolos
Channellab Updated


14:26 ML403 edited by mcarrick
adding links to components which interface with FPGA (diff)
14:18 ML403 edited by mcarrick
additional instructions for ACE file generation, cross compilation (diff)
13:48 Changeset [9398] by jawil06
Disconnect support for Alf


16:10 Ticket #262 (Missing reference on User Guide) closed by mcarrick
fixed: Fixed in r9397 and PDF fixed on the website.
16:06 Changeset [9397] by mcarrick
removing section on installation from yum


23:04 ML403 edited by mcarrick
adding instructions on EDK stuff, re-partitioning page so it is easier to … (diff)
22:50 Changeset [9396] by mcarrick
deleting filter, will replace with proper component
15:53 Changeset [9395] by mcarrick
adding FPGA processing calls
15:46 Changeset [9394] by mcarrick
adding FIR filter component


11:36 Changeset [9393] by jawil06
Apparently I don't know what I'm doing
11:35 Changeset [9392] by jawil06
Merging connect tool changes into my alf
11:13 Changeset [9391] by jawil06
Stilled missed some files
11:10 Changeset [9390] by jawil06
Missing files on import
11:09 Changeset [9389] by jawil06
Initial import, alf nodeDialog changes.
10:58 Changeset [9388] by jawil06
Move for merge.


13:48 Changeset [9387] by stedwar2
OEF v1.1.2.
13:48 Changeset [9386] by stedwar2
OEF v1.1.2.
13:47 Changeset [9385] by stedwar2
OEF v1.1.2.
13:39 Changeset [9384] by stedwar2
Updated to work with OEF v1.1.2.


23:16 Changeset [9383] by hvolos
transferring functionality from worksheet.cpp to the component code
16:57 Changeset [9382] by shereef
libtoolize added to all reconf under system and components
16:36 Changeset [9381] by shereef
fixed TxDemo? and USRP_Commander ::configure by removing last return and …
16:29 Changeset [9380] by mcarrick
fixing path to tools directory in installation
16:26 Changeset [9379] by shereef
libtoolize for stdif reconf
16:25 Changeset [9378] by shereef
fixed FileSys::open ::open call by eliminating last two args
16:22 Changeset [9377] by mcarrick
adding libtoolize to reconf
16:13 Changeset [9376] by mcarrick
updating instructions for configuring omniORB
15:30 Changeset [9375] by mcarrick
clarifying some instructions
12:10 Ticket #263 (USRP_Commander does not configure rx_freq properly, other component ...) created by cdietric
Check USRP_Commander and USRP device. Also test configure for remaining …


17:33 Changeset [9374] by mcarrick
updating installation dependencies for ubuntu 9.04, sdcc-nf
13:35 Changeset [9373] by hvolos
updated channel matrix generation
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