and .


22:53 Changeset [9452] by hvolos
Added alamouti STBC
22:52 Changeset [9451] by hvolos
Added Alamouti STBC
22:52 Changeset [9450] by hvolos
attach channel info to outgoing data
22:20 Ticket #275 (OEF doesn't build waveform if the assemply controller is not set) created by hvolos
It would be nice if it can say why is not building the waveform
17:54 Changeset [9449] by hvolos
2x2 channel implemented
16:13 Changeset [9448] by hvolos
added some initial multiplexing
12:04 Images edited by jawil06
11:55 Downloads edited by jawil06


15:36 Changeset [9447] by shereef
minor edits made to ALFGuide.tex for Connect and Automation tools


21:17 Changeset [9444] by hvolos
Added OSSIETalkWithUSRP lab


15:36 UserGuides edited by jawil06
15:35 Downloads edited by jawil06
15:31 Tarballs edited by jawil06
02:02 Changeset [9441] by shereef
made appropriate changes to installation guide regarding fedora core 10
01:13 Changeset [9440] by shereef
created 0.7.4 tag


23:28 Changeset [9438] by shereef
AGC component outputs ones when rssi threshold is broken
22:57 Changeset [9437] by shereef
adding 0.7.4 user guide dir with appropriate mods
02:25 Changeset [9436] by caguayog
Fixing port names so U2 can coexist with U1. This will require …


12:47 Changeset [9435] by jawil06
Was forgotten in a merge
02:08 Changeset [9434] by shereef
updated version numbers in configure.ac and build.py and added autoconf …
02:05 Changeset [9433] by shereef
removing ltmain.sh from system/SigProc
02:03 Changeset [9432] by shereef
removing ltmain.sh from system/std-if
02:02 Changeset [9431] by shereef
removing ltmain.sh from system/ossie


17:36 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
17:35 unloadmodules.sh attached to BeagleBoard_DSPLink by ravishi
Script to unload DSPLink and LPM modules
17:35 loadmodules.sh attached to BeagleBoard_DSPLink by ravishi
Script to load DSPLink and LPM modules
17:35 c64xxp_5.xx_linux.mk attached to BeagleBoard_DSPLink by ravishi
DSP side distribution file
17:34 Rules.mk attached to BeagleBoard_DSPLink by ravishi
GPP side distribution file
17:34 omap3530_2.6.mk attached to BeagleBoard_DSPLink by ravishi
GPP side distribution file
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12:06 Changeset [9430] by cdietric
increasing maximum dimensions in ALF


21:10 Ticket #274 (Can't change the property gain default value when creat Amplifier ...) created by wael_murtada
When creating component in OEF called amplifier, i can't change the gain …


17:50 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
17:16 BeagleBoard_CodecEngine edited by ravishi
17:15 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
Moved original instructions to BeagleBoard_CodecEngine. These … (diff)
16:50 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
16:35 BeagleBoard_CodecEngine created by ravishi
Moved from BeagleBoard_DSPLink
14:31 Ticket #273 (WaveDash improperly displays waveforms with a large number of components) created by jawil06
When running OSSIETalkLoopBack there is no scroll bar in the waveform …


12:39 Changeset [9428] by shereef
adding Lab5Example of AM Rx


18:32 Changeset [9427] by cdietric
WaveDash? no longer crashes on description tag in PRF


14:13 Changeset [9426] by shereef
merged jefferys branch with the 0.7.x branch to include updates to ALF and …


15:02 Ticket #272 (CompForm creation/naming in ALF is not robust) created by jawil06
CompForm? names are simply _CompNameX where X is the number of compforms …
14:49 Ticket #271 (Run WaveDash from within ALF) created by jawil06
12:26 Changeset [9425] by hvolos
Fixed merge omission
12:23 Changeset [9424] by hvolos
Updated DSP code
00:41 Ticket #270 (Add USRP AM receiver waveform) created by cdietric
Matt has the waveform ready. It needs to be tested with WaveDash?.


18:07 Changeset [9422] by shereef
fixed an error in Conv_Enc, too many brackets
16:46 Changeset [9421] by jawil06
Fixed config override in cfg.py, OWD overrides installpath and now works
16:02 Ticket #267 (ALF updates: Selectable naming service IP and Connect Tool menus) closed by jawil06
fixed: Finished in my branch.
13:06 Ticket #260 (WaveDash does not support "compforms") closed by jawil06
fixed: Fixed in my branch.
13:04 Ticket #269 (ALF doesn't remove connections on wave/comp-form uninstallation.) closed by jawil06
fixed: Fixed in my branch.
12:57 Changeset [9420] by jawil06
Compform support in WaveDash?
12:56 Changeset [9419] by jawil06
Improved robustness of ALF and connect tool.


21:46 Changeset [9418] by shereef
updated configure method for all components, need to test with WAVEDASH
15:39 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
Added mpcsxfergpp sample application notes (diff)


03:12 Changeset [9416] by caguayog
Receiver now copies the required number of frames into output sequence


17:14 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
16:14 BeagleBoard edited by ravishi
15:13 BeagleBoard edited by jgaeddert
adding link to google site for formatting an SD card to boot linux (diff)
13:29 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
11:29 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi


15:18 BeagleBoard edited by ravishi
12:14 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
00:05 Changeset [9415] by hvolos
fixed files mix-up
00:00 Changeset [9414] by hvolos
improved the fading application


13:28 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by ravishi
12:20 Ticket #269 (ALF doesn't remove connections on wave/comp-form uninstallation.) created by jawil06
When a waveform is uninstalled, any connections to or from any of its …
11:10 Changeset [9413] by jawil06
Branching wavedash for comform modifications.
10:07 BeagleBoard_DSPLink edited by jonnadul


17:45 BeagleBoard_DSPLink created by ravishi
17:02 WDC created by cdietric
13:20 Changeset [9412] by jawil06
Naming Service is a more appropriate name than 'node'
12:54 Ticket #268 (Tools installation should be two steps: build then install) created by jawil06
By installing the tools with sudo python setup.py install the …
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