and .


15:02 Ticket #274 (Can't change the property gain default value when creat Amplifier ...) closed by cdietric
invalid: If anyone is experiencing this problem, please email the discussion list, …
11:52 Milestone Release 0.7.4 completed
11:51 Ticket #268 (Tools installation should be two steps: build then install) closed by cdietric
fixed: updated instructions in user guide
11:50 Changeset [9530] by jawil06
updated tool installation instructions
10:41 Ticket #279 (DSP node file.) closed by cdietric
invalid: Questions should be addressed to the discussion list …
10:32 Ticket #270 (Add USRP AM receiver waveform) closed by cdietric
10:28 Ticket #263 (USRP_Commander does not configure rx_freq properly, other component ...) closed by cdietric


12:58 Changeset [9529] by deepanns
Added exception handling to start/stop/uninstall waveform


20:58 Ticket #279 (DSP node file.) created by wael_murtada
Is there a DSP node file like GPP node file. I want a DSP C64 node file to …


19:49 Changeset [9528] by ttsou
folding into trunk, main repo located at …
19:43 Changeset [9527] by ttsou
non-blocking reap and fusb default buffer size change
17:57 Changeset [9526] by hvolos
core VBLAST functionality complete, needs testing and cleaning the code up
16:06 Changeset [9525] by hvolos
added more code for VBLAST, still needs work
15:13 Changeset [9524] by hvolos
updated pseudoinverse calc


21:07 Changeset [9523] by ttsou
separated contexts, simulaneous tx-rx seems to be working
14:44 Changeset [9522] by hvolos
VBLAST code in progress
14:43 Changeset [9521] by hvolos
added code for MRC and VBLAST TX normalization
10:20 Changeset [9520] by hvolos
MRC debuged


22:18 Changeset [9519] by hvolos
added MRC, needs debuging


22:42 Changeset [9518] by ttsou
created branch for backward libusb0.12 support
22:15 Changeset [9517] by ttsou
hopeful simutaneous tx-rx using separate libusb_contexts
19:41 Changeset [9516] by ttsou
no longer maintained


08:16 Ticket #278 (Can I port OSSIE to certain DSP.) closed by cdietric
fixed: Thank you for your interest. Here is a response based on one of the …


18:23 Changeset [9515] by ttsou
quick fix - not a solution - for shutdown bug
15:34 Changeset [9514] by ttsou
final changes, patch generated, ready to submit upstream
14:41 Changeset [9513] by ttsou
reverting unused files
13:36 Changeset [9512] by ttsou
libusb devhandle accessor name change for consistency
13:17 Changeset [9511] by ttsou
pkgconfig and symlink issue fix
12:31 Changeset [9510] by ttsou
autofoo to use libusb1, doesn't check for appropriate -lusb symlink
11:49 Changeset [9509] by ttsou
complete: ready for testing
10:33 Changeset [9508] by ttsou
cleanup and fusb_devhandle deallocation


16:22 Changeset [9507] by ttsou
teardowns cleanly
11:24 Changeset [9506] by ttsou
libusb1.0 api tx and rx working, needs shutdown
10:30 Changeset [9505] by ttsou
added async read handling


22:51 ALF edited by cdietric
page is out of date (diff)
21:00 Changeset [9504] by ttsou
works fully through libusb1.0 needs testing
18:58 Changeset [9503] by ttsou
initial push of async IO through libusb-1.0
12:10 Changeset [9502] by ttsou
libusb-1.0 usrp-fusb driver
12:04 Changeset [9501] by ttsou
libusb-1.0 usrp-fusb driver
11:58 Changeset [9500] by ttsou
libusb-1.0 usrp-fusb driver


20:12 Ticket #278 (Can I port OSSIE to certain DSP.) created by wael_murtada
Can I port the OSSIE 0.7.4 to a TMS 6416 DSP? If not can you guide me how …


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17:11 loop_fft.tar.gz attached to BeagleBoard by ravishi
GPP and DSP applications using DSPLIB's FFT
17:05 messageSA.tar.gz attached to BeagleBoard by ravishi
Stand alone sample application - message
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