and .


11:53 Changeset [10860] by mcarrick
sound card auto-starts now
11:28 OSSIETeam edited by Snyder.Jason
11:25 OSSIETeam edited by Snyder.Jason
09:36 OSSIETeam edited by Snyder.Jason


11:56 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
adding note to am_demod (diff)
11:51 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
more basic ossie components (diff)
11:26 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
describing more components (diff)


09:26 Changeset [10856] by Snyder.Jason
added forms for updating property controls
09:22 Changeset [10855] by Snyder.Jason
added urls for changing property controls
09:20 Changeset [10854] by Snyder.Jason
added view to change controls on waveform display page


11:09 Changeset [10853] by jawil06
Patch was merged into the release.


20:32 Changeset [10852] by c2dietric
added WaveDash? to cleanup script
16:39 Changeset [10851] by jeongo9
Fixed Channel component's SNR to be reconfigurable on Wavedash
10:41 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
adding to components (diff)
10:22 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
trying new formatting for a component (diff)
10:00 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
adding to component table (diff)
09:49 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
completing waveform table (diff)


21:28 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
adding more devices (diff)
21:21 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
adding sound card capture (diff)
21:15 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
starting devices table (diff)
20:16 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
starting waveform table (diff)
19:56 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
added all nodes that exist within trunk (diff)
19:46 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
adding more nodes (diff)
19:29 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
updating node table formatting to make easier to read (diff)
19:24 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by mcarrick
adding to node table (diff)
16:49 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by c2dietric
16:45 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by c2dietric
started formatting (diff)
16:35 WaveformDevelopmentGuide edited by c2dietric
minor updates (diff)
16:18 WaveformDevelopmentGuide created by c2dietric
14:52 Changeset [10850] by Snyder.Jason
default widgets are now added to the list of optional widgets


11:23 Changeset [10849] by Snyder.Jason
bug fix


17:20 Changeset [10848] by c2dietric
python cleanup script
17:17 Changeset [10847] by c2dietric
killing devices first, still can't handle more than 32 components
14:40 Changeset [10846] by c2dietric
adding installation instructions
14:32 Changeset [10845] by c2dietric
adding plugins
14:16 Changeset [10844] by c2dietric
directory for new ALF plugins that use GNURadio graphical sinks
14:08 Changeset [10843] by c2dietric
updated receiver GUI


12:28 Changeset [10842] by edent


15:52 Changeset [10841] by jawil06
This should (hopefully) resolve the issues with bitbaking ossie.
15:10 Changeset [10840] by mcarrick
updating xml paths for dev dom filesystem structure
14:01 Changeset [10839] by mcarrick
adding patch for gnuradio-3.2.2 that allows compilation on ubuntu 11.04
13:54 Changeset [10838] by mcarrick
updating install paths for dev, dom filestructure
13:53 Changeset [10837] by mcarrick
adding AudioDevice? to install
13:41 Changeset [10836] by edent
link node status of views to node directory
13:09 Changeset [10835] by mcarrick
pulling in latest changes from joes branch
12:51 Changeset [10834] by mcarrick
adding latest version of trunk
12:50 Changeset [10833] by mcarrick
copying joes liquid ossie components to be updated to 0.8.2 release
12:47 Changeset [10832] by mcarrick
removing directory
12:18 Changeset [10831] by edent


15:46 Changeset [10830] by edent
15:45 Changeset [10829] by edent
15:45 Changeset [10828] by edent
fix images and modularize grid/map views
15:35 Changeset [10827] by edent
13:19 UserGuides edited by mcarrick
adding links to 0.8.2 labs (diff)
11:42 Changeset [10826] by edent
fix frames and settings


11:07 Changeset [10825] by Snyder.Jason
modified getResource to now check for alternative implementations and read …


15:59 Changeset [10824] by edent
15:58 Changeset [10823] by edent
15:54 Changeset [10822] by edent
edit for web server
13:34 Changeset [10821] by edent
add wsgi module for web server


16:09 Changeset [10820] by edent
loading frames
15:43 Changeset [10819] by edent
input more progess messages
15:00 Changeset [10818] by edent
settings reference working directory


15:32 Changeset [10817] by edent
edit Jason's WebDash? app to use for the Django/JQuery interface
14:33 Changeset [10816] by edent
Add install/uninstall function and lists active waveforms
11:31 Changeset [10815] by edent


16:26 Changeset [10814] by edent
incorporate listing available waveforms from directory
15:05 Changeset [10813] by edent
production viewable


16:16 Changeset [10812] by mcarrick
adding a missing file
16:02 Changeset [10811] by mcarrick
deleting autogenerated file
15:59 Changeset [10810] by mcarrick
adding makefiles; unsure of what is autogenerated at the moment
15:59 Changeset [10809] by mcarrick
adding xml directory
15:58 Changeset [10808] by mcarrick
adding more files that were missed
15:56 Changeset [10807] by mcarrick
adding a modified version of liquid-ossie that works with the WDC MAC …
15:30 Changeset [10806] by mcarrick
adding slavenode_waveform
15:28 Changeset [10805] by mcarrick
adding Slave_node_v3 component
15:11 Changeset [10804] by mcarrick
adding master node component
15:06 Changeset [10803] by mcarrick
adding master node waveform
15:01 Changeset [10802] by mcarrick
creating basic structure for code to be added to
14:59 Changeset [10801] by mcarrick
creating working directory for soumavas waveform
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